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Thank you for your interest in VSCO Voices!

The 2019 application will remain open until Monday, February 18th at 11:59pm PT. When reviewing your application, we’ll be looking for a strong tie to this year's theme, thoughtfulness, passion, and continued commitment to the community described. If your project proposal aligns with our program criteria, we’ll reach out to you for a phone interview mid-March. Please refer to our Q+A page if you have any questions while completing the application.

Please indicate US City and State. Submissions are restricted to US residents.
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In more detail, please describe the main idea of your project, the scope of work, what you are hoping to achieve, who will benefit from this project, how it relates to this year’s theme, and how this project will drive awareness or spark dialogue about the realities, truths, or challenges faced by marginalized communities in the US.
Please provide a detailed outline of costs (equipment, materials, stipend, etc.)
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Travel costs to orientation, midpoint, and closing ceremony will be covered by VSCO Voices, and not come out of the allocated grant money.
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