VSCO Voices
VSCO Voices

2019 Grantees

Get to know the 2019 VSCO Voices grant recipients and how they plan to empower marginalized communities in the US through art. This year’s grant theme is Style.


Alexandra Cuerdo
— Dancing On My Own

Alexandra Cuerdo is a Filipino-American writer and director based in Brooklyn, NY. Her documentary short film, Dancing On My Own, will capture the events of Bubble T, a radical queer dance party in New York that centers queer Asians in the nightlife space. With the belief that style is an expression of identity, she intends to surface the vibrant and joyful essence of the LGBTQ Asian community and expand the understanding of queerness to include the Asian community and Asian heritage.


Dave Kasnic
— Alpha & Omega Ministries

Dave Kasnic is a photographer who is currently based in Chicago, Illinois. His project, Alpha & Omega Ministries, will document the life and congregation of Pastor Martha Freeman, a pillar of strength and positivity in her often-marginalized community of Garden Homes, Milwaukee. Through photography, Dave intends to capture the style of unconditional welcoming that is offered by Martha and her church, and in doing so, tell the true story of the community.


CorI Corinne
— Dress. Code.

Cori Corinne is an independent, multidisciplinary designer and creator based in Ohio. Cori’s photography and design exhibit, Dress. Code., will explore the double standards women face with regards to workplace attire. In showcasing how a woman’s identity can become fragmented through the lifelong analysis of her appearance, she seeks to spark dialogue about fostering a more open and creative environment for women everywhere.


Lauren Vied Allen
— Grito

Lauren Vied Allen is a visual creative based out of Durham, North Carolina. Her project, Grito, will showcase the vibrant and lively dance style of ballet folklórico, as performed by immigrant and first-generation Mexican American youth in Eastern North Carolina. Through photo and video, Lauren intends to capture the cultural richness and resilience a community that has been marginalized by natural disasters and systemic racism.


Khristopher "Squint" Sandifer
— The Untold Innovations of Jazz

Khristopher "Squint" Sandifer is a multifaceted creative who is focused on narrowing a cultural gap in the innovation economy. His project, The Untold Innovations of Jazz, will capture the practices and mindsets of world-class jazz musicians, showcasing them as inventors of their craft. By telling their stories, he hopes to inspire underrepresented communities to see themselves in the extraordinary style of these innovators.